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         June 2022     
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    e-comnet enterprise  was established on the August, 2003.  It is a bumiputra company`s.  However the back bone of the staffs consist among the experiences bumiputra youngters which involved in this area.


    Providing the vast experiences from the previous employment, the owner of this enterprise company established and started the mission in the year of 2003 .


    Nowadays the demand in the era of computers and telecommunication are widely utilized and increased among the people. Especially in the Private and Government sectors area. Not even that, now, this era is penatrating among the general peoples.


    Therefore by this up-growing area, we take this opportunity to rebuild our self in the knowledge of computers, networking and communications. Indirectly it will uplift the status level of knowledge and experiences  among  the bumiputras`  in Malaysia.